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Review of major currencies on July 30

The Euro / US Dollar

The yesterday’s day was fairly active for the pair. During the day, the pair declined slightly before the performance with respect to the Fed interest rate. The beginning of trading pointed at the level of 1.1069, and the pair gradually decreased to the level of 1.1030. After the release of data from the US the pair jumped up a little, and then continued downward movement.

Based on the results of the Fed meeting, the probability of an interest rate hike in September is quite high. The phrase << … we expect the consolidation of positive news >> suggests direct inference.

Although the euroarea shows positive results about the health of the economy, the euro does not have enough strength to hold a tough competitiveness on the part of the dollar.

News from Europe about the level of unemployment in Germany, as well as the level of consumer confidence in the eurozone will be released today, noon. The consumer price index will be released in Germany in the afternoon, and data from the United States about the price index for personal consumption expenditures, initial jobless claims, the index of prices of domestic acquisitions, as well as annual data on GDP will be received.

News is really a lot for a good trade. Experts predict a fall in GDP in the second quarter, however, the annual data, which will be released later, will be able to change the situation easily.

The pair GBP / USD

For the last trading day of the pair GBP / USD was able to reach the level of 1.5689, however, it was impossible to fortify its position for long. In addition, after the news of the US with respect to the interest rate decrease slightly accelerated, allowed the pair to trade slightly lower than the beginning of the trading day.

Based on the price charts, the pair GBP / USD have the opportunity to continue growth in the short term, but cold forecasts of the Bank of England about interest rate significantly limit the price range.

Today, there are minor news index of house prices in the UK, and the news from the US regarding the personal consumption expenditures, the index of domestic acquisitions come in the afternoon, and the main news of the day – annual data on GDP.

The price range for the pair GBP / USD remains the same 1.5350 – 1.5800.

The US Dollar / Yen

Over the past day, the dollar / yen rose slightly, however, was able to verify the support level 123.30. Leaving a mark 123.50, at the end of the last trading day the pair is fixed at 124,00.

At the moment the pair is gaining in the price successfully, and probably in the near future may be on a mark of 124.40. However, we should not overestimate the dollar and forget about the significant support level 123.00.

At a meeting of the US Federal Reserve, was made a lot of good news on the dollar, but it was not the most objective assessment of the US economy. US dollar should be securely its status so it can be regarded as stable.


AUD / USD goes to firmly around 0.7286 to 0.7345 level within a day. Just after the release of data on the US Federal Reserve meeting, the price jumped up slightly, and then returned to his former position and gave the pair a good impetus for further decline.

This week is not particularly rich in news from Australia, like New Zealand, so all the attention of traders focused on data from the US.


For the second day gold is trading in a fairly narrow range, and the reason for it – the US Federal Reserve meeting. Due to expectations of the slightest hint of the members of the committee the interest rate increase, many moved their assets in more volatile currencies. Moreover, the situation with respect to the Asian market to settle, and that was the calmness of the price movement.

Despite the tempestuous expectations of the news outlet on interest rates, gold has changed insignificantly in price, adding a couple of points and ending trading at around 1095.

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