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Services Offered by Binarymate

Binarymate may be one of the newest additions to the binary trading market, but it is also one of the most exciting.  Although only established in 2016 it has already generated a large following of customers and it looks set to build on this.  The firm has chosen to register itself in the United Kingdom; this means it must comply with both British and European laws regarding financial instruments.  These are some of the strictest in the world and can help to reassure any trader that they are dealing with a reputable and safe business.  Much of the appeal of Binarymate is due to the new ideas which they are bringing to the scene.  The very latest in binary trading platforms can now be integrated with the very best video support for all customers.


  • The firm offers one of the fastest payouts in the binary world; transfer requests are completed within one hour!
  • They have twenty four hour, seven day a week customer support advisors ready to assist.
  • The rate of return on your investment can be as high as 95%
  • Trades start from as low as $1; although you do need to fund your account with the minimum amount of $250 first.
  • The demo account provides you with an insight into using the platform and trying out new strategies.
  • There is a huge amount of educational material available to all traders as well as some additional assistance for higher level traders.
  • Trading is open to residents of the United States.
  • A good range of incentives include a $250 incentive to thank you for joining them and a tiered bonus based on your initial deposit.
  • You can choose to trade in one of four currencies; the Russian ruble, American dollar, British pound, or, the Euro.
  • There is an excellent range of options for trading and an array of analytical tools to help you make the right trade.


  • There is currently no way to access your account via a mobile device, although the system will work on any desktop computer no matter where you are in the world.
  • Although English, Spanish, French and even Russian are used to assist customers, there is no Portuguese option.


As with most binary brokers you will be assigned an account level depending on the funds you deposit.  The basic account provides some educational material, fast withdrawals and the ability to trade the markets.  The top account provides a dedicated market manager to help ensure you trade successfully, although you will need to add at least $3,000 to your account to access this level of service.  You will also be provided with several risk free trades.

There is an intermediate account which gains nearly as many benefits as the top account, although the dedicated assistant is replaced with classes with a success manager.

Binarymate provides you with a good array of trading options.  The first is the ability to trade with a predicted price direction, you can also choose to pick a price which the trade will, or will not hit.  You can even choose to set boundaries or many other types of trade.  Trades can be completed in as little as thirty seconds, or they can be set to expire in one year!  You also have the option to close any trade early to reduce the losses you will experience.

The whole system is designed by Binarymate and optimized to provide the best possible experience for all traders.  They have placed a huge emphasize on providing an easy to use system which is fast, reliable and safe.  In fact, they have been awarded top marks for safety.  The focus on performance has enabled them to provide you with up to date prices.  The price displayed on the trading system is as close to the actual market price as possible; this will provide you with more confidence when placing your trades.  With many brokers the gap between this data is too big and your trade can already be going the wrong way before you even start trading!

Trades are placed the moment you instruct them; this ensures you are trading in the best way possible.  Research suggests that traders with Binarymate are enjoying a significantly higher rate of success than other traders; this figure could be as high as thirty percent!

Service and Support

No matter how good a broker’s system is, there will be a time when you need to ask for advice.  The customer team at Binarymate can be reached at all hours and offer a professional, yet friendly service.   There are available via the all new video chat which enables you to speak to them face to face; as though in the same room!  This makes it much easier to communicate and feel inspired by their knowledge and advice.  Of course, you can choose to email them and will still receive a fast response.  Their email is support@binarymate.com.

There is also an excellent section on the site which covers the most commonly asked questions and may have the answer you need.


As well as offering the fastest withdrawal service in the business; this site will allow you to deposit and access your funds via Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer and an array of digital options including Bitcoin.  It is worth noting that you must withdraw a minimum of $50 each time.  This may seem high when you first start trading but will become easier with time!


The “Wilder Plus” binary options system

Binary trading professionals have developed many trading systems on the basis of the MA (moving average) indicator. With different combinations of settings and display forms, this technical device is capable of accurately determining asset quote movement trends; therefore, the MA indicator is the most popular and commonly used indicator in binary trading strategies. We have developed the “Wilder Plus” system of binary options by combining the parameter settings of four moving averages, as well as the RSI indicator. As a result, we got a system with 80% effectiveness, which we will consider further in this material.
The “Wilder Plus” binary trading strategy – requirements for the trading terminal

The undisputed prerequisite for using the “Wilder Plus” system is the indicator service built into the trading platform. Then, we need to implement trading conditions with the minimum parameters of the initial deposit and the low initial cost of the contract. And, of course, you must have a good selection of assets, accurate quotes, and an optimal range of contract expiry times.

The market today is saturated with brokers, but that does not mean that you can easily find an effective trading platform. Most companies are relaxed about the quality of their retail services; therefore, efficient binary trading on those platforms is not possible. The Binomo company’s terminal can be suggested as the most suitable one, where you can take advantage of the following range of services:

A professional-level trading terminal with its set of indicators

  • The terms of trade, indicators of which allow for money management rules to be used effectively, and provide the opportunity to start trading with a small amount of funds: an initial deposit amount of USD 10, cost of options from USD 1
  • A set of more than 80 types of underlying assets
  • Precision quotes
  • Contract expiry times from 60 seconds to 24 hours

The “Wilder Plus” binary options system – applying strategy indicators

The template of the “Wilder Plus” binary options strategy is made up of the following list of technical means:

  • Welles Wilder MA Indicator periodicity of 40
  • Welles Wilder MA Indicator periodicity of 30
  • Welles Wilder MA Indicator periodicity of 20
  • Simple MA Indicator periodicity of 60 (color the MA blue)
  • RSI Indicator 65 with a scale level of 50

The indicators strategy system looks like this on the quote chart:


The “Wilder Plus” binary trading strategy – trading principle

The basic principle of trading with this strategy is the registering of options at the time of a change in the direction of the trend movement, which the indicators of the system identify as follows:

Upward turn:

  • RSI indicator MA starts building above the level of 50
  • Welles Wilde MA indicators cross the blue MA Simple indicator line going up

After the formation of the strategy indicators, we conclude a contract UP:


Downward turn:

  • RSI indicator MA starts building below the level of 50
  • Welles Wilde MA indicators cross the blue MA Simple indicator line going down

After the formation of the strategy indicators, we conclude a contract DOWN:


Money management and expiry times

To effectively use the “Wilder Plus” binary trading strategy, the following rules to minimize potential losses must be used: the level of the cost of a trading position is limited to 5% of the amount of funds in your control. If the amount of working capital does not allow you to use such trading risk parameters, we will use contracts from the Binomo broker with the initial cost.

The main types of contracts for trading with this strategy that we use are binary options with expiry periods of 15 minutes. In addition, the effectiveness of the strategy does not change when you use options with periodicities of 5 minutes. Using a series of contracts with expiration intervals of 5 minutes allows you to increase the volume of trading profits.